Use Metrobus to get to campus

Acquaint yourself with Metrobus programs and routes serving our campus.

The routes connecting you to campus are Route 48, Route 56, Route 57, and Route 500. Find the most convenient route at the Miami-Dade County Metro-Bus Schedules

Get on the Metrobus using your EASY Card, which is available at 50% of the regular price to enrolled full-time UM students. To purchase a card visit the University Center (UC) ticket window or call 305-284-2318.

University employees can also purchase an Easy Card at discounted rates. To join the discount program contact 305-284-1547 or visit this link.   

Employees can earn up to 400 Well 'Cane Points. Click here to join today. 

In the event of an EMERGENCY

Make sure you enroll in the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program through this link and receive 6 ERH vouchers when you register your transit commute. Vouchers must be renewed each year. 

Lost Item(s)

Report a lost item on transit via this link.