About Us

Our Parking and Transportation staff strives to provide parking services to our customers in a safe and effective manner. Our basic services include parking and transportation operations, customer service, mobility strategies, and special events.


Our Operations Team strives to serve the University's mission in a manner which on balance meets all stakeholder's needs. Our team is also responsible for enforcing Parking and Transportation policies and procedures in a professional manner. Contact our Operations Team at 305-284-9262.

Customer Service

Service excellence is a daily goal for our Customer Service Team. Our team interacts with students, faculty, staff, contract service partners, and visitors. As such, the team handles Cane Cards, the issuance of all parking permits, and citations. Furthermore, the team handles all customer service inquires. Contact our Customer Service Team at 305-284-3096 or email us at parking.gables@miami.edu

Special Events

The University hosts events ranging from athletics, concerts, guest speakers and conferences. Our Special Events Team coordinates these events with the appropriate departmental host liaisons ensure appropriate parking resources and traffic management compliance. Contact our Special Events Team at 305-284-1352.

Mobility Management

We offer integrated mobility strategies that include public transit, bicycling, walking, Zipcar, Carpool, on-campus shuttles, and recreational shuttles. To learn more about the options available to you, contact 305-284-1547  

Our Team is committed to serving your needs.