Transportation To Local Airports

There are several stress-free and sustainable mobility alternatives to get to and from the University of Miami, Miami International Airport, and Fort Lauderdale Airport.  Utilizing these alternatives are cost effective as well.  

The following options may be helpful in your travels to/from our regional airports.

Miami International Airport (MIA)

You can use Metrorail to travel to and from the Miami International Airport. Once at the University Metrorail Station take the Orange Line (northbound) to get to Miami International Airport. The estimated time to Miami International Airport from the Metrorail University Station is 45 minutes. Visit Miami-Dade Transit website for more information or call Metrorail Customer Service at 305-891-3131. 

The Metrobus can be used in conjunction with Metrorail to travel to MIA. To find bus routes suitable to your needs visit Miami-Dade MIA Transit Connections.

Fort Lauderdale International Airport

Combine the use of the Metrorail, Tri-Rail and Fort Lauderdale Shuttle Express to get to/from Fort Lauderdale Airport. To learn more about the connection visit the Tri-Rail Airport Connections click here.

Brightline Train

You can get to Fort Lauderdale International Airport and Palm Beach International Airport using a combination of the Brightline train and Lyft ride-hail services. Click here for a map and instructions from the Metrorail-University Station. 

Students are eligible for 25% off of the first year of travel. Click here to register.  

Other Options

The following options may be of use going to either airport:  CarpoolCar-share (Zipcar), and Taxi/Ride-hail.